How to build a personal brand – Part 2 Being Vulnerable

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Transcription from the video

This episode we're talking about vulnerability.
Hi this is Simon Jordan. Welcome back to my 60 seconds help.

So this is part of a series of how to build a personal brand and it's like a recipe.
Last time I talked about authenticity to and now I'm talking about vulnerability.

So what does it mean to be vulnerable? Brene Brown did an amazing TED talk on this issue and has had millions and millions of views but vulnerability means opening yourself up, being honest being genuine and showing the other side of you. We don't always want to see the strong powerful yet, this is me and you know the typical smiley happy everything's beautifully positive on the Facebook and social media world do we? We want to see that genuine side.

So the last video I talked about being authentic and this is about being vulnerable as well. Vulnerability is such an important part of creating that right personal brand. Sharing elements of you. Now it's not about whinging, moaning and bitching and stuff like that. It's about saying hey, you know I've had a difficult time or whatever but this is what I've learned from it. Because if you're wanting to gather people who want to follow you and learn from you they want to see the authentic version of you. They want to see that you are open and you're honest. You aren't worried about exploring your inner worries and sharing it with the world. It's such an important part.

So sign up on my website. for my free ebook and I will see you on the next video. Take care. Bye.

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