What is a brand?

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So what is a brand. Hi I'm Simon Jordan from Simon Jordan.com.

OK. So what is a brand. A lot of people think well it's the logo. Well actually it's not a logo it's just a part of it as I'm Simon Jordan.

You have your own name. That's what the logo is a logo and differentiates you between the competition. That's all it does. The brand is a whole personality.

So if you are the face of your brand your coach or consultant it's your energy it's your passion, your empathy how you approach your clients how you work with them.

Are you very fastidious or great fun to work with or whatever it might be. So your brand needs to incorporate that. So one of things I do my clients as I work out what that is and then we make sure that is replicated online.

So your website your marketing everywhere all the touch points should be a direct representation of who you are so when people and on the Web site your Facebook page they get a really good feel for who you are. That way you attract the right clients and you get rid of tyre kickers.

So this has been me Simon Jordan from SimonJordan.com and go there if you want to get my free e-book and look at all the blogs and all the great information you can get there.


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