What is your USP?

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So what is your USP?

Hi! I'm Simon Jordan, and welcome back to my marketing hints and tips.

So you might have heard people talk about a USP. So what is that? Is that a delivery service? No. USP stands for Unique Selling Point. Now I know there's some marketers out there say that USP is dead, and I say bull to that because the USP is very much alive.

But if you understand what that is, you might have asked yourself, "What is my USP? Is it a particular gimmick I do? Is it the way I service my clients as a coach or a consultant? What is it?" And sometimes you can struggle so much that you don't actually progress. And if you're not progressing, that's not a good idea.

So, your USP is you. You are your USP. Your style, your je ne sais quoi, your essence, your energy, your humour, everything goes to create your USP. Now, as a coach or consultant, there might be millions of you out there, and we know there are. Same as there are millions of me out there doing what I'm doing, but actually there aren't millions of me, and there aren't millions of you. We are unique. Your back story, everything that's brought you to where you are now has made you unique.

So, how you work with your clients, okay, might be the same theory or the same practise as other coaches but how you deliver it, the energy that you bring to your practise is what makes you unique. So try and capture that within your marketing by doing videos like this to show the real you, the real essence of you. Your marketing should work with or without you. In other words, if someone lands on your website, they have to see very quickly what it is you do, but also, they get a really good idea of who the person they're going to be dealing with is like. Are you fun to work with? Are you very serious and very formal? What is it like?

So, when you're building your brand out, think about the qualities that make you, your personality, and put that into everything you do. So the colours you use, the fonts you use, the tone of voice you use, how you write the wording on your website needs to be you, because you, my friend, are your unique selling point.

That's it from this episode. Take care. Bye!

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