The kudos bit

Simon has over 28 years working in marketing and advertising with some of the World’s top brands such as Nike, Coca Cola, Porsche, Sky TV and Wilkinson Sword to name only a few. He has also run and owned 2 design companies and been a creative director for a London Advertising Agency.

He is also an international keynote speaker offering business and marketing advice with a good chunk of motivation and humour thrown in.

Simon is also a coach, mentor and branding and design consultant working with coaches and consultants from all over the globe, helping them to build profitable and powerful brands that really shine and make a difference in the world.

Simon Jordan, Coaching, Branding, Marketing, Websites, Design
Simon Jordan, Coaching, Branding, Marketing, Websites, Design

The mucky life bit

We all have history and Simon is no exception. Life wisdom blended with knowledge, he believes, gives you your uniqueness in the world and often suffering is the path to wisdom.

We are all given lessons to learn and learn we must if we are to lead a rich and fulfilling life.

'Only he could make the decision to make the change.'

In his late 20s depressed and feeling that he was careering out of control, Simon weighed in at a whopping 146kg. He was binge eating, drinking and taking drugs to try to hide the pain. His doctor prescribed antidepressants but he just knew that masking the problem wasn’t the way forward. Only he could make the decision to make the change.

Inspired by his siblings he started running. Having never run before and being so overweight it was painful everyday for months, but he kept at it. He set goals and entered some challenging races. He joined a running club and kept going, determined to leave the old ways of being behind.


Having never heard of personal development or coaches, Simon became fascinated with how he had made this shift from overweight to championing his demons and turning it all around.

He read books, went to lectures, listened to cassettes (CDs weren’t out then!) and trained in NLP and other coaching techniques. He started to attract clients, helping them overcome their own internal demons and get their lives back on track. We always teach what we need to learn in life.

Jump forward to his late 30s, life took another big turn. Simon found himself divorced with 2 young children and bankrupt, which was major on all mental and emotional levels. At the time he was earning big money and working for Sky TV but something kept nagging at him telling him to start his own coaching and marketing company. His friends thought he was crazy to leave a well paid job and with bankruptcy hanging over him, but determined to make a difference in the world, he didn’t listen.

One year later he set up his own online TV channel and in only a few months he was speaking across the globe and working with clients from California to New York, from Paris to Germany.

' is an adventure and each day is a blessing to be lived in gratitude.'

Throughout Simon’s life he has taken massive action in the face of adversity and achieved big results purely as a result of his challenges.

He plays big in all areas of his life. Whether it be fitness challenges like Everest Basecamp or trail running in the mountains, Simon believes life is an adventure and each day is a blessing to be lived in gratitude.

In 10 years Simon has helped thousands of coaches from around the globe create more successful lives by serving their clients better.

Simon's mantra is helping people to make a difference that will serve the world and Mother Earth. He believes our purpose is to serve. He is passionate about nature and our treatment of the precious planet we live on.

Simon has now climbed to Everest Basecamp 2017, Summited the highest mountain in North Africa; Jebel Toubkal 2018 and in 2019 (his 50th year) he ran the London Marathon for the second time, competed in an Olympic distance Triathlon and various other shorter distance trail runs. Roll on to 2020 he will be swimming the English Channel as well as more trail races and triathlons and raising money for various charities close to his heart.

He currently lives by the sea in Dorset and shares his life with his soul mate and his two dogs, Poppy and Amber.



#5ThingsClear – Inspiring people to clear the planet of 5 items of rubbish each day. Within 2 months of launching the initiative went global. Simon now speaks to schools and businesses showing them how to become more eco-friendly and make a difference to the planet.

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One Planet One Place – To inspire people to escape from a busy world, become present and fall in love with life again. One Planet One Place has a Facebook community of over 200,000

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