When an abundance mindset isn’t enough

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Are you struggling with an abundance mindset?
Hi this is Simon Jordan. Welcome back to another episode of Simon Jordan’s Marketing Hints and Tips. Well, this isn't really about marketing.
It's about life.
Now, you might have read books like The Secret and those videos all about an abundant mindset.
You see an abundance means a lot of something doesn't it?
So if you have an abundant mindset, you might have an abundance of crap, that wouldn't be too good would it?
But we were talking about an abundance of maybe wealth of joy or health or whatever it might be now.
You see you can change your thinking to be one of positivity to wake up do your affirmations that kind of stuff but, if you don't address something that's fundamental.
Doesn't matter how positive you are how much abundance you focus on and imagine that dream car, house, partner, whatever.
It's not going to work.
What you need to address is the chaos and the control in your life. Because if you've got too much chaos, the universe will bring in control. If you've got too much control, you know people with OCD things like that. Who are really going to try and control which is comes from a fear a lot of the time, the universal will bring in chaos, so there's an even balance.
So you need to look at your life, address your life and think, what is my life telling me right now? The chaos that's happening.
The control that I'm trying to do because when we do have so much chaos we try to control it because we're coming from a place of fear.
That we will fall apart or whatever.
You see, if you want to get that abundance. You want to get that life filled with wealth, joy, health all the rest of it.
You could do all the positive thinking but if you don't do the basics, it's like making a cake, isn't it? If you don't get the basics right?
It could look fantastic, but might taste awful and it’s the same with life.
So first of all, the first step is to look at your life right now.
And as I said, what is my life telling me right now?
Maybe you've had an accident. Maybe you've just gone through a divorce or whatever.

What is it telling you about you and here's a BIG, BIG thing.
And a lot of people don't like this and this can grate against people, that everything in your life right now.
You have attracted. Yes, you have attracted that. Ill health, bad partners, money, all the rest of it. Someone cutting you up in the street, someone banging into you.
Maybe you’ve fallen over. You have attracted that.
Now when that sinks in and when you truly take that on board and when you truly take full 100% responsibility, that is when you start learning to live in abundance. Because we go through life and we blame.
It’s someone else's fault, it’s life that's causing all these problems.
Well, let me ask you this, who is the one person that's consistent in your life from birth to death.
It's you isn't it? You are the one constance.
When you take full responsibility for everything and I mean everything it might sound crazy.
Even really bad diseases, when you take full responsibility for that it all starts to change.
So that's a really good starting point.
So just going to leave it there for the moment because it's quite a big subject and I actually go through over six steps.
I call it. It's my Simplicity of Success Formula – a Life in Flow, because when you're in flow, that's when you have the success when you've come from accepting all the stuff that's going on, bit it control or chaos, and you get an even balance. You then surrender to life. You then come from gratitude and it just goes forward.
You end up in flow and within flow that's where the success is.
That's where you have this abundance mindset.
That's when the wealth comes. That's when the depth of joy comes.
That's when the true wealth, health everything, when you get to that space.
But first of all, you've got to look at the chaos and the control and have true total one hundred percent acceptance for everything that's happened in your life.
Until you do that. The abundance mindset will not work.
So follow me for more information and take care.

Stay safe speaking soon. Bye.

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