Who is your target market and what do they want?

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Who is your target market?

Hi, I'm Simon Jordan, and welcome back to another episode of My Marketing Hints and Tips.

The essence of marketing is understanding what is going on in the mind of your target market.

I'll say that again.

The essence of marketing is understanding what is going on in the mind of your target market.

So what do I mean by that?

Is, well, you solve a problem, right? You have a product or a service that you offer which helps solve a problem. So the essence, as I said, is understanding what's going on in their mind.

So let's say you help people with back pain, for example. So they're probably not thinking, "I need a chiropractor. I need a massage therapist." What they're really thinking is, "I need to stop this pain. I want to be free of this pain. I want to move better," whatever it might be.

So that's what they're thinking. So if you publicise your business with something like, "Help those suffering from back pain," or, "Help them relieve back pain," something like that, that's what's going on in their minds.

That's the difference.

Whereas, if you just go out and go, "I'm a chiropractor. I'm a massage specialist. I'm a Reiki specialist or acupuncturist," or whatever. That's not what they're thinking about.

Yes, you can help them but they're not thinking that. What they're thinking is back pain, not being able to move freely.

So whatever your business is, I mean, I predominantly work with coaches and consultants, but whatever it is, think about what your customers actually want because they need you but they don't want your service, if this makes sense.

It's like I'm doing marketing and branding but if I just go out and go, "Marketing and branding, marketing and branding, marketing and branding," people are going to go, "Yeah, so?" But if I say, let's say I choose to help authors, for example, to get their book out there, to get them more traffic to their website, to get them better exposure, to build social capital, for example, if I go out and use those kind of headlines, that's what going to attract them.

So that's the difference, you see. No one is coming to your business because of what you do unless you're a plumber or a bricklayer or an electrician, that's obvious what they do.

But don't think that everyone understands what your business does. You need to communicate in what they want.

So I will say that line as I said at the beginning. The essence of marketing is understanding what's going on in the mind of your target market. What do they want? What are they thinking about? What's their pain point?.

Once you understand that, so much of the work is done, it makes it so much easier, I promise you.

And if you keep updating that as well, what are they looking for? So if you are a coach or a consultant, always be listening out to what's going on with the target market. What do they want right now? Is there a shift? Is it seasonal, for example?

Always be aware of what they are looking for right now, and I hope you enjoy this particular video

For more information, I've got loads of content, loads of blogs, videos, and also you can sign up for my free e-book which will give you loads of stuff talking about brand building, that kind of thing.

Go to my website which is down there, www.SimonJordan.com. Until the next time, take care. Stay on it, speak to you soon. Bye!

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