Are you a coach or consultant who is fed up with playing small, want to set the world alight, serve your clients the best way possible and finally make a good income in the process?

Simon works with people who have a fire burning inside, a need to serve the world and to make a real difference.

Simon works with the brave, the courageous, the dreamers, the doers and the darn right crazy with belief. The ones who grab each day and wring as much out of it as possible. The ones who know about the magic in just being and being the best they can possible be.

Simon's been doing this since 2009 and it keeps getting better and better with new clients coming in and he's learnt that the braver you are the brighter the fire burns.

If you're on this page then Simon has an inkling that you fit into one of the categories above. You know you want so much out of your life but feel stuck, possibly confused as what to do next, or you may have a very clear idea but just need someone to grab those ideas with you and create something beautiful.

Simon and his team create everything you need, from brand identity design, website design and production, social media graphics and literature. They also provide on going coaching / mentoring and support in order for you to serve your clients the best way possible. If you have all the brand and marketing created, but now need someone to give you the insight and knowledge to go further, check out the Brand and Design page here for a few examples of our work.

If it's coaching or mentoring you are looking for, click here to contact Simon and let's set a date and time in the diary and get that fire burning brighter NOW!


"Simon totally understood what I needed. He untangled all my thinking and made the whole process so easy and enjoyable. Simon ‘gets you’. He works intuitively but with great knowledge too and creates amazing work. Thank you.”

Mark Hodgson – Coach, Speaker and Author


"You get people who do stuff on purpose then you need to employ a designer and someone else, but the great thing about Simon is he can do the whole piece. Simon has the strategic thinking along the way and I don't need to translate it.”

Lisa Cattell – Coach

Simon Jordan, Coaching, Branding, Marketing, Websites, Design

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