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Why hire Simon as your coach / mentor?

We can't be great at everything so bringing in expert advice and help for specific tasks is vital.

With over 25+ years in the world of marketing and advertising and having worked with some of the world's leading brands such as Coke, Nike, Porsche, Sony Music, BBC to name only a few, Simon will be bringing your business the best strategies to ensure it is branded and marketed simply and effectively.



When you work with Simon, these are the stages you will go through together

STAGE 1 – Prep
This is the stage where we lay down the foundations of your new brand.
Energy work – making sure we start off correctly. This is vital.
Goals – Where do you want to be?
Vision – What does it look like?
Target Market – Who do you want to work with?
Mood Board – Creating your brand look and feel.
Your story – Your brand is your story. We help you create it.
Top Ten Issues – The essence of marketing. Knowing what your target market wants.

STAGE 2 – Pre-flight
Website – We put what we have learnt in stage 1 into production and start creating your window to the world.
Photos – Working with you and a photographer we create the right images for you.
Blogs – Help you craft your words.
Video – Get comfortable with being on camera.
Lead Magnet – We will help you create a free download in order to capture those vital leads on your site.
Social Media assets – We will create all your social media assets so your brand looks great across all platforms.
Email Nurture – After the free download it's important to create the right relationship with your new lead.

STAGE 3 – Launch
Now all the foundations are created including website and social media presence it's now time to press the launch button.
Videos – Tell the world you've arrived, come and visit the website and share some value.
Memes – We will create some branded memes for your social media launch.
Push Button – Once it's all ready we will coach you to open the doors to your new brand.

STAGE 4 – Altitude
> Once your new brand has been launched it's now time to switch into coaching mode where Simon will work with you every step of the way showing you how to gain traction online, create engagement, drive traffic and win clients.
Content plans – To create a profitable business, you need a plan and this is also about creating content that your target market will read and engage with
List building – Helping you to build your list, showing you strategies and ways to do this that works for you.
Productising knowledge – People need your skills but they would also love to have it in different formats so this is where Simon will work with you showing you how to capture your knowledge and sell online such as courses, memberships, books, audios and more.

If this is something you would like to know more about contact Simon now


“I’ve got more out of that 60 mins than I have over the past couple of years, thank you Simon.”

Barry Cridland – Mental Development Coach

"You can earn more money, but you can't earn more time."

Time is so precious, so why waste time trying to get your marketing and branding right when Simon can be on hand over the phone to provide you with what you need to get you where you want to be a lot, lot faster.


“Simon is direct and honest his communication and he has shown fantastic flair in defining what i needed to get across in my marketing. This meant that we were able to quickly re-create my brand to capture the real me. I am thrilled to be working with Simon and to have his kind, sincere and on-going support as i take my practice to the next level. if you are hesitating as i was, do yourself a big favor and jump you won’t regret it’s the best decision i ever made.”

Lisa Skeffington, Anxiety Expert –


“I recently had a few sessions with Simon as there were a few things within our business that felt “stuck” and as a result, we were slightly frustrated.
The calls were to the point and did exactly what they said they would do - gain clarity and understanding. Straight after my first session with Simon, we implemented some changes to our website and within 24 hours, we received fresh leads wich we now continue to get on a daily basis.
Simon hears what you are really not saying and gives you the confidence to communicate what you brand is truly about. We have been working for a few years on
understanding, and creating, our own brand and in 2 hours, we achieved more than we thought possible - it was as if the missing piece of the puzzle had been handed to us.”

Gareth Stubbs - Owner and Co-Founder D - Toxd ‘The Retreat’

Simon won't sugar coat it
During your call/s you'll always get Simon's honest opinion. He won't sugar coat it just to make you feel good. He'll be kind and very encouraging, but he'll also say it as I sees it. If your mail shot or sales page doesn't have a chance of getting sales, he'll tell you. If the idea just won't work, then he'll tell you. Anytime he feels you are heading off track he will be there to keep you focused.

Bottom line: it's all about helping you build and improve your business and addressing specific issues of importance to you. He'll be the guide, you tell Simon where you want to go.

“The test of a good coach is that when they leave, others will carry on successfully.”

Author Unknown

Would like to know more about working with Simon? contact him now


“A few hours with Simon turned a quagmire of thoughts and ideas into a crystal clear niche market. Thank you Simon, wish i had done this years ago - you are a marketing genius”

Hazel Harris Style Consultant


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A Powerful Personal Brand

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