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Simon Jordan, Coaching, Branding, Marketing, Websites, Design
Ever heard of the band Pearl Jam?

They had a great success with their first album. The record company then wanted them to replicate this and go global.

The band decided that instead of world domination as asked by the record company that they would take back control, sack the record company and with their loyal fan base that they would release their own records online instead.

They weren’t interested in a massive fan base, they simply wanted to look after their loyal fans and carry on creating the music their way. Which they have done very successfully.
When you have the confidence you can take back control.

Another example

I’m having the pleasure of mentoring a young man in Cameroon, Africa who is helping to clear the planet of plastic. He has just 37 followers on Twitter and yet he posted a video that has now been seen over 7,500 times and shared over 150 times.

Wouldn't you want that kind of success?

I have another client Mark Telford who is a successful accountancy coach and we have recently launched his website and one of the first people to sign up for his free download has just also signed up for a years coaching with him.
Not bad return on investment.

So what does this all mean?

It means knowing your target market
It means focussing on what they are looking for and creating content to fulfil their needs
It means not always following the crowd but being confident in your own path
It means being willing to shake things up a bit

Talking of shaking things up a bit, I recently posted on my 5ThingsClear Facebook page which is my passion project asking people to clear the planet of litter. The post is about why we need to care more for the planet than we do for reality TV stars. It showed an image of a polar bear that was very skinny (see below). I was stirring the pot and getting people to take notice.

At the time of typing this the post has been shared over 19,500 times with 5,300 likes only have just over 2,700 followers on that page.

Simon Jordan, Coaching, Branding, Marketing, Websites, Design
How do we do it?
When I work with my clients one of the steps is that we delve deep into their target market and work out that they want and from our findings we create the right content.

If you’re looking to get more online engagement and ultimately more clients, then let’s have a chat.
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