Your Vibe Attracts your Tribe

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How to humanise your brand and sell from the heart

To start off this post I want to ask you an important question – Why do people buy from you?
Obviously what you’re offering your market is great, but I want to know about YOU. The person behind the business.
What is it about you personally that makes your clients and customers warm to you?

A common mistake business owners make is they separate themselves from the business. Their marketing seems far removed from whom they really are.

Why hide away!
If you are full of life and energy and your clients love this about you, then why hide this quality away in your marketing?
If you’re the face of the business then your marketing should be a great representation of you and your brilliant qualities.

So If you’re passionate about what you do then show that passion. Video blogging on your site is a great way to show this. Passion is contagious so show it and grab their attention.

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

If you want to build raving fans then show them the real authentic you. The real YOU that people love.
This is your USP (Unique Selling Point). You may have tonnes of people doing the same thing as you but there is only one you, so shine brightly and get your qualities out there.

If you’re empathic and caring then make sure your marketing conveys this.
If you're quiet and cool headed then show this too. It's all about being authentic.
Client: Jenny Flintoft who wanted a rebrand, one that reflected her better.
I worked on creating the brand values and how we wanted these conveyed on their website.
We wanted to really capture the essence of the client and present her in such a way to attract the right type of clients she wanted to work with.
Jenny's energy is amazing but she is also highly professional and incredible at what she does. As you can see from the old website, this didn't give off the right image and as Jenny agrees, made her more like a children's TV presenter than a serious business lady. The new brand and website however change all that and the comments we have had from people who know Jenny are that it really captures the true energy of her and this is exactly what we wanted to do. This is what personal branding is all about. Capturing the real essence of the person and translating this into a graphic form

You're not just a logo
So going back to my initial question - Why do people buy from you?
The answers really will help you create the right brand for your business.
You see, a brand isn’t just a logo, it’s the whole personality of the business.
How people feel about it, what they say about it and how it comes across in all the marketing collateral.

Your brand is represented in everything you do within the business.
From the colour palette you use, the fonts, the images, the tone of voice you use, the posts you share on Social Media all go together to create the brand.

Attract the clients you want to work with
When you get your brand right you will start to connect with the right clients because they will be attracted to your energy. It will deter those who don’t fit with you. We all want those kind of clients right

Just imagine attracting all the right clients. The ones who pay you what you’re worth. The ones that make you leap out of bed in the morning because they are the reason you are in business because you love serving them.

It’s not a dream, get your brand right and you're on your way.

Go back to the big question and then when you know the answers take a good look at your marketing and ask yourself ‘is this a good representation of who I am?’

Then see what changes can be made to make your personality really shine through

I specialise in helping my clients shine and if you’d like the same then let’s have a chat.

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With love and gratitude and to your onward success.

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