Your website – what do you want them to do first?

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The first kiss

When setting up your website ask yourself what do you want from the visitor? What do you want them to do first?

So many websites have a multitude of options to choose from. Click here, follow me there, watch this and then click that.

What do you want them to do first and foremost? If you want to build a relationship with them, then provide something they want. A free download perhaps. But make what you want them to do, clear, simple and also enticing. Give them something they want. Something that could solve an issue.

Remember your website is just one of a billion so make it count.

Then when you have their details and they have your freebie you can start to build up the relationship. But instead most websites want to go from first kiss to jumping into bed.

Do some courting first. Build the relationship in the shape of autoresponders (automated emails). Show them some love. Show them you care and you are genuinely interested.

When people sign up for my 'free stuff' they do also get an offer to buy, this isn't a bad thing because sometimes if you give away free stuff all the time it can be difficult to then ask for a purchase later on down the line. But the main point is to share your knowledge and help them out. I provide masses of content via Social Media so I am building relationships on there before they come over to my blog.

You need to build on the 3 vital points of marketing and that is.
1. They need to get to KNOW YOU
2. They need to LIKE YOU
3. They need to learn to TRUST YOU

This can only be done by listening to what they need, and helping them with their issues.

But most of all when someone lands on your website make it simple for them to understand. A confused buyer is a non buyer.

If you want them to sign up for your freebie download – make it as simple as possible. Take away all the other options. We live in a world of confusion and a sea of impatience so don't give them an excuse to move on because they have no idea what you want them to do.


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